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Religions of the World: Islam Week 2 (Deacon Stephen Stine)

This week, Deacon Stine takes us through history from the beginnings of Islam, through the development of various sects, and into more recent times. 

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Religions of the World: Islam Week 1 (Deacon Stephen Stine)

Deacon Stine gives an overview of the historical origins of Islam and touches on the beginnings of some of the various modern sects. 

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Religions of the World: Judaism Week 3 (Fr. David Luckenbach)

In week 3 of our series on Judaism, Fr. David explores the development and distinctives of the different traditions, both modern and ancient of the Jewish faith. 

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Religions of the World: Judaism Week 1 (Fr. David Luckenbach)

In this class Fr. David introduced Judaism, beginning with the story of the Old Covenant Scriptures, and moving up through the Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD and beyond.

This class took place at Christ Church on May 27, 2012.

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Religions of the World: Judaism Week 2 (Fr. David Luckenbach)

Father David Luckenbach takes us through an overview of the key documents of Judaism. 

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