Christ Church Christian Formation (Fr. Matt)
Word World (Week III): Creation & Nature

Language can be ambiguous.  This week, Fr. Matt looks at some of the similarities and differences in how 'creation,' and 'nature,' our used to better evaluate our understanding of what the Bible has to say about design, and purpose. 

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Word World (Week II): Creation

After a brief interlude, looking at why comparing different historical texts such as the Septuagint, the Latin Vulgate, and others is helpful when looking at words, we look at the word, 'Creation.' 

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Word World (Week I):  Spirit

Father Matt begins a series this week delving into 12 words that have changed the way we look at God and the world.  In this first week, we explore the word Spirit and how that has been thought about in different eras of Christian and pre-Christ Jewish tradition. 

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Religions of the World: Summing Up (Fr. David Luckenbach)

As our summer series comes to a close, Father David reviews some of what we have learned and shares some final thoughts.

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