Christ Church Christian Formation (Fr. Matt)
Word World (Week XII): Holiness

Father Matt's Word World class from 11.25.12: Interlude:  John Carr shares some thoughts on the importance of holiness throughout the Old and New Testaments and beyond. 

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Word World (Week XI): Justice/Righteousness

Father Matt's Word World class from 11.18.12: Word World (Week X): Justice/Righteousness

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Word World (Week X): Faith/Faithfulness

Father Matt's Word World class from 11.11.12:  Faith/Faithfulness

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Word World (Week IX):  Law

Father Matt's Word World class from 11.04.12:  Law

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Word World (Week VIII): Face

Father Matt's Word World Class from 10.28.12:  Face

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 Keller on Marriage (#1): "Overview: Marriage as Ministry Power"

Used by Fr. Matt for (pre)marital counseling.

Uploaded 11-8-12.

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Keller on Marriage (#2): "Overview: Marriage as Commitment"

Uploaded by Matt Boulter on 11-8-12.

Used by Fr. Matt for the purposes of (pre)marital counseling.

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Keller on Marriage (#3): "Marriage as Commitment & Priority"

This is an audio file that Fr. Matt uses for pre-marital counseling with folks.

Uploaded on 11-6-12.

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