Christ Church Christian Formation (Fr. Matt)
Questoning our Worship #9

In this class we looked at an additional "moment" in the Eucharistic Prayer: "anamnesis."

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Questioning our Worship #8

In this class we looked at two "moments" of the Eucharistic Prayer: "institution" and "oblation."

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Questioning our Worship #7

Today we continued to look at Scottish influence on the American prayer book.

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Questioning our Worship #6

In this class we began to look at Prayer Book revision, beginning with Cranmer's 1549 Book of Common Prayer. In particular we discussed how the Scottish Church influenced our American Prayer Book Tradition.

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Questioning our Worship #5

Many great questions in this session, asked by parishioners, with lots of great discussion.

The discussion was launched by a consideration of form and content in our worship adn church life.

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