Christ Church Christian Formation (Fr. Matt)
Religions of the World: Interlude Question: Is Christianity Merely One of Many? (Fr. Matt Boulter)

As we look at world religions this summer, Father Matt explores our approach to thinking about religion in general.  Can we approach religion as consumers, looking for the religion that is, 'right for us?'  Is there an objective vantage point that we can evaluate religious options in a completely unbiased manner?  Is that even necessary or possible? 

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Report from the 2012 Episcopal Church General Convention

Father David and Trey Yarbrough give a report on the discussions and decisions of the 2012 convention and how Christ Church will operate as we move forward as a local body, and as part of the Episcopal church in America and as a part of the worldwide Anglican communion.  

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Religions of the World: Islam Week 4 (Deacon Stephen Stine)

As we finish this introductory series on Islam, Deacon Stine goes over the remaining pillars of the faith and helps us understand how we as Christians can begin to interact constructively in our interactions with members of this faith. 

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Religions of the World: Islam Week 3 (Deacon Stephen Stine)

Deacon Stine, in this session, begins taking us through the five pillars of Islam. 

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